Supply Drops

Let people you trust upload to your Dropbox.

Whether you're a teacher who needs an easy way for students to supply you with coursework, or you need your client to supply you with the files you need, Supply Drops allows people you trust to upload straight to your Dropbox, even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

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Try it for free

If you're looking for a single-use solution to receive files from anyone, you can create one drop zone for free.

Note: Free Drop Zones expire after 48 hours.

Titanium drop zones - coming soon

Want unlimited drop zones that are more secure and last longer? Purchase a titanium drop zone for €3.99 and you can secure it with password protection and even extend the expiry. It's yours to keep, forever.

Simplicity and security by design

Drop zones are easy to set up and share thanks to the secure drop link which allows your suppliers to upload files directly to your Dropbox.

Each drop zone is secured with it's own unique drop link and encrypted using 128-bit SSL, and expire after 48 hours. Titanium drop zones can also be secured with password protection and the expiry can be extended.

Not just for creative types

Supply Drops was initially envisioned to support the creative industry, but since it's launch in September 2013 we've seen all types of users.

From architects to musicians, lawyers to preachers, university lecturers to government contractors. All over the globe.